Why Westbrook

Floor System Design

In engineering deflection is the degree to which a structural element is displaced under a load. In other words, do the dishes in the china cabinet rattle when you walk through the dining room? At Westbrook Homes, we design our floor systems with deflection in mind using more than twice the structural requirements of local design codes (minimum of L/360). We use oversized floor joist members throughout and double joist members under areas where heavier components are installed such as oversized bathtubs and kitchen islands. Our typical deflection range is L/720 to L/999 (the maximum tested deflection).


Energy, Sustainability and Comfort

Building code requirements for more energy efficient homes have changed dramatically over recent years. Not long ago the attic insulation system requirement was R19. Today the minimum requirement is R38. At Westbrook Homes we pay particular attention to all exterior penetrations and go well beyond the insulation code requirements. Use of Open Cell Foam Insulation in all joist ends and rim boards in addition to the required fiberglass insulation result in lower energy costs. Additionally, all unconditioned areas below living space, such as a room over a garage, receive Open Cell Foam Insulation before the required fiberglass insulation. Westbrook Homes builds a tightly sealed structure with less outside air penetration, balanced heating and air conditioning that helps to lower energy consumption and the home’s carbon footprint. Our commitment is to deliver a product that supports your good health and comfort for the life of the home.